Abby Luby | Writer • Journalist

Abby LubyI am a writer, blogger and journalist who, for over 22 years, has covered news including the local environmental issues in the Hudson Valley, the locavore movement and artist profiles. My stories have appeared in publications and on-line news outlets including The New York Daily News, SolveClimateNews, The Villager, The Westchester Guardian, The Real Deal, The Westchester Examiner, The North County News and the Record Review. I blog about climate change on, and have written about education in Westchester. 

For me, curiosity is the stuff good journalism is made of and is the must-have DNA for writing about everything and anything. There are always more questions to be asked when formulating a story and choosing what are the salient points is part of the creative writing process. Writing that perfect profile means culling all the facts about a person and offering the reader the true person and what makes them who they are. Writing about art is less about describing line, color, texture and more about how line, color and texture affects you. Crafting special features means rolling out the highlights, tucking in those small, revealing details. Spot news is like jumping onto a spinning merry-go-round of hot tips and, getting the nitty-gritty story, follow up and then hopping off.